Filippos Antoniadis

After completing my Business degree , I have been looking for something that fuses my passions with work. The use of logic and justifiable structure in what I am doing is what made me switch from a real estate career to Development.

The entirety of the process speaks to me.I simply love the idea of building something and consistently developing more complex ideas. Since a young age, I have always been around computers which led me to discover gaming.The creative aspect of it, the excitement, the competition - all of those, attracted me and have ever since.

My goal would be to work as a developer in a start up in the tech industry. Working with a team that has the same love for innovating and creating as well as the drive to make things the best they can be. I want to learn from seniors that can provide me with the knowledge to be better at what I do. I engaged myself on this path to not become good at it but to become great.

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General Assembly offers a 3 month intensive bootcamp known as WDI. The full time course provides the foundation of an informed understanding of junior software development. During the course we created 4 projects jump started from the new skills we learned within that week.

  • 1 - BattleFind

    A JavaScript game built over 5 days. BattleFind is RNG based, Battleship meets Minesweeper game. It's designed to entertain for both short and long periods of time.I wanted it to be a different game everytime the player would succeed or fail.

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  • 2 - Just Show

    Just Show provides the ability to add Tv Shows you enjoy and to share them with the community, the website has a authentication system and secure routing.Just Show also allows you to add , delete and comment on your most loved or hated TV Shows.

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  • 3 - Moodify

    Moodify is an application that detects your facial queues and depending on if you are happy , sad , angry.It uses FileStack to take a picture directly from the current device (compatible with mobile) and with your mood ,it will play different spotify playlists to match it.

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  • 4 - JustGame

    JustGame is a fully functional game reviewing platform.You can check out the latest popular games coming out.Carousel for each and any games you search will contain media for it .Review on your favorite games and share your insights while being part of a community. !

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  • In progress

    --Currently working on internal project aswell as learning more Vue.js/Redux.--

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